Consultancy & support

The services I offer include the provision of support to individuals and teams as they seek to find solutions and take decisions.

Conflict & crisis situations

Support in overcoming difficult situations - just one of my specialist areas.

Subject-based training courses

My advanced training courses are tailor-made and take account of the background and goals of the participants.

New challenges demand new approaches.

Gottfried Niebaum

Madeleine Bähler

Coaching, organisational development & advanced training

  • I have travelled alongside an extremely wide variety of people over many years, working with passion and deriving much pleasure from it. 
  • My own bilingual origin and a period of study in the USA sensitised me towards inter-cultural issues. I have lived in the triangle between three national borders for a very long time and have been forced to repeatedly reflect upon the significance of language and culture - for example, through my clients in France and my consultancy services for expatriates. 
  • I hold consultation discussions in German, French and English and am also happy to work with multi-lingual groups.

The following factors characterise my consultancy activities 

  • I believe that it is important to assess the achievement of targets realistically. I therefore define consultancy goals in collaboration with customers and employers (where relevant).
  • My work is based upon a systemic approach, thereby helping individuals to appreciate problems and solution approaches as component parts of fascinating interactions. For example, we investigate how various people, groups and departments exert a mutual effect upon each other. Where can we find the potential and energy to make positive changes and where are our fears lurking? What will be the effects of the changes for which we strive and how will we deal with them?
  • Essentially, I regard people as beings with an enormous potential, which they can use constructively or destructively (with respect to themselves and others). My interest lies in what promotes positive growth.
  • Asking questions, listening, setting a structure, moderating and occasionally provoking - these are all important working methods for me. And in spite of all the problems, I also enjoy laughing with my clients! As the German humorist Loriot once said "Humour might not keep us young, but it will keep us awake".
  • I am a keen networker; for some clients, I work within a team of colleagues, but I am very happy to recommend other consultants who might have different emphases, together with other experts.

Professional experience

I am familiar with a variety of professional roles, such as

  • Lecturer; teacher
  • Social worker and therapist
  • Training & consultancy officer
  • Project manager
  • Coach, trainer and organisational developer

Education and training

For me, learning is usually a privilege and joy, whether it is done formally or informally. Nevertheless, we are repeatedly confronted by difficult experiences, which themselves also become areas of learning.

My formal training activities include:

  • Theological/diaconal training and advanced training courses in spiritual support
  • Training as a social worker (University of Applied Sciences, Bern) with masters in systemic therapy (Fresno Pacific University, Fresno USA)
  • Advanced course in Coaching and Organisational Development (institut für systemische impulse isi, Zurich)
  • Advanced courses in Mediation and Conflict Transformation (FPU, Fresno USA; Friedrich Glasl isi, Zurich; Bridge Builders; London)
  • Courses and advanced courses in various moderation techniques (Dynamic Facilitation, Restorative Circles, etc.)

I am a Member of the Swiss Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organisational Consultancy (bso). Please see also my Profile.

I enjoy:

  • prefer to go up a mountain than down.
  • Reading: According to malicious gossip, I swallow books rather than read them. I'm quite happy to own up to this addiction!
  • Convivial gatherings, enjoyment and good conversation.
  • Travelling by train: Then I can read, prepare or review work for clients, daydream, enjoy the view or take pleasure in interesting encounters.

Practical information

Madeleine Bähler Hauptstrasse 11 4127 Birsfelden
Madeleine Bähler
Emanuel Büchel-Strasse 4
4052 Basel