Madeleine Bähler

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How I work

How I work

My work is grounded in systems theory. Therefore, problems as well as possible solutions are considered within a larger framework of interactions.

Every human being has incredible potential, which can be used in consctructive or destructive ways (towards oneself and others). I am interested in strengthening positive developments.

Asking questions, listening and facilitating discussions are important tools of my work. And the midst of difficulties and hardship, I love to laugh with my clients!

If needed, I work with other colleagues or recommend other professionals.

I offer coachings in German, French and English.

Work experience

Work experience

Teacher, trainer

Social worker and case manager


Representative for education and consulting


Coach, facilitator in organizational development

Studies and vocational training

Studies and vocational training

Studies in Social Work and Case Management (University of Applied Sciences, Bern)

MA Marriage and Family Therapy (Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, USA) and training in Inner Family Systems Therapy (IIFS Heidelberg)

Theological studies and social action (TSB Liestal ; DRMD Fontaines) and training in spiritual companionship (Ignatian)

Training in coaching and organizational development (institut für systemische impulse, isi, Zürich)

Training in mediation and conflict transformation (FPU, Fresno, USA; Friedrich Glasl isi, Zürich; Bridge Builders, London, UK)

Facilitation techniques (Dynamic Facilitation, Large Group Facilitation etc.)

I am a member of the Swiss Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Development (bso).