Consultancy & support

The services I offer include the provision of support to individuals and teams as they seek to find solutions and take decisions.

Conflict & crisis situations

Support in overcoming difficult situations - just one of my specialist areas.

Subject-based training courses

My advanced training courses are tailor-made and take account of the background and goals of the participants.

New challenges demand new approaches.

Gottfried Niebaum

Organisational development

"Where would we be if we all just sat here and said ‘where would we be now’, but nobody was prepared to go and find out where we would be if we actually went?" Kurt Marti, Swiss theologian and poet

In the day-to-day routine of business, we often lack the time and space to tackle sensitive subjects, complex problems and potential innovations with the necessary care. A consciously designed process can remove unnecessary tensions, tap into knowledge and resources that are available but latent and enable them to bear fruit for the benefit of the organisation.

The services I offer in the area of organisational development include:

  • Team development - Support for and optimisation of learning, change and development processes, incorporating the entire organisation & the specific features of the particular specialist area. 
  • Vision & Strategy development - the development of motivational and sustainable visions of the future, a vision of the future and the strategies required in order to implement it
  • Design change consciously - Embrace change and exert a purposeful influence upon it.
  • Crisis interventions and conflict transformation – Address crises and conflicts consciously and use them as an incentive for ongoing growth.

Practical information

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