Consultancy & support

The services I offer include the provision of support to individuals and teams as they seek to find solutions and take decisions.

Conflict & crisis situations

Support in overcoming difficult situations - just one of my specialist areas.

Subject-based training courses

My advanced training courses are tailor-made and take account of the background and goals of the participants.

New challenges demand new approaches.

Gottfried Niebaum


"He who knows that he can't see it all will still be able to discover much"  David Neufeld

In the middle of the bustle of daily life and its demands, our perspective is sometimes limited. An impartial external viewpoint can help us to experience different perspectives, and thus discover alternative paths upon which to tread.

Are you looking for specific, targeted support and advice? I would be pleased to support and advise you through the following situations:

  • Confronting a new professional or honorary challenge 
  • Taking an important decision 
  • Overcoming a conflict or crisis-ridden situation 
  • Undertaking a personal or professional stocktaking exercise
  • Bringing a particular stage in your life or your career to an end, and preparing for what comes next
  • Developing further the skills for dealing with colleagues or customers

Practical information

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