Consultancy & support

The services I offer include the provision of support to individuals and teams as they seek to find solutions and take decisions.

Conflict & crisis situations

Support in overcoming difficult situations - just one of my specialist areas.

Subject-based training courses

My advanced training courses are tailor-made and take account of the background and goals of the participants.

New challenges demand new approaches.

Gottfried Niebaum

Advanced training courses

"People only become truly creative when they manage to combine the abilities, knowledge, talents and ideas they have gained as individuals in their previous lives with those of other people".  Gerald Hüther

Sustainable learning combines fresh knowledge with an individual's own experiences. For this reason, my services include tailor-made further training courses that take account of the background, experiences and specific goals of the participants. The link between theory and practice is important to me, as is an enthusiastic atmosphere for learning.

A few examples of the topics that are adapted to suit the needs of the particular client/participant are listed below:

  • Effective self-motivation in the workplace
  • Human dignity in day-to-day management – from the empty phrase to a pathfinder in challenging situations (I offer this seminar in collaboration with Dr. Stefan Marks and Verena von Aesch
  • Conflicts: Recognition, understanding, approaching constructively and overcoming
  • Change processes and systemic dynamics
  • Joint decision-making: Tools and potential pitfalls
  • Leading the internal team: React more clearly to enquiries from outside 
  • Introduction to Intervision: An approach to the broadening of professional skills

Practical information

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